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Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Split Systems

Ductless heating and cooling technology makes it easy to keep everyone in your home comfortable, without breaking the bank on your energy bills.  Mitsubishi Electric’s single and multi-zoned ductless solutions offer room-by-room comfort control with a level of efficiency and performance that is unmatched in home cooling and heating.

The Single Solution To Your Most Common Heating & Cooling Problems!

Ductless heating & cooling technology is your first line of defense against the most common issues related to home comfort control.

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    Rising Energy Costs

    Ductless mini splits offer energy savings up to 40% while maximizing comfort throughout your entire home.

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    No Ductwork

    No ducts required.  Ductless split systems offer an innovative way to heat and cool without the need to add or modify existing ductwork.

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    Noisy Operation

    Ductless split systems offer whisper-quiet performance. All system components are designed to work together in near-silent harmony.

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    Hot & Cold Spots

    Ductless split systems eliminate hot and cold spots by detecting where airflow is needed to maintain consistent room temperatures.

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    Air Quality

    Ductless split systems feature advanced air filtration that captures and removes contaminants that trigger allergies and asthma.

Zoned Comfort Solutions For The Ultimate In Customized Comfort

From single-spaces to entire homes, Mitsubishi Electric ductless split systems are one of the most versatile heating and cooling solutions on the market. They’re whisper quiet operation, soaring high efficiencies, and minimal installation requirements, make these one of a kind systems suitable for the widest array of applications.

Oversized Living Spaces
Home Offices
Recreation Rooms
All Season / Sun Rooms
Additions / Renovations
Whole Home

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