Best Air Conditioning Company in Painesville

Best Air Conditioning Company in Painesville

You want the best for your family and your home, so why not hire the best air conditioning company in Painesville? DK Heating and Sons has served Painesville’s residents for nearly 60 years. We are committed to the comfort and care of all those living and working in Painesville. Our team of customer service representatives and HVAC contractors are all focused on our customer first mindset. We offer repair, maintenance, and replacement for both residential and commercial properties. Call to schedule an appointment today.

Free Estimates on A/C Replacement in Painesville

No one wants to have to buy a new A/C system, but when Ohio summer hits and that sun is beating down on your house, you need a cool refuge. DK Heating and Sons offers free estimates on A/C replacement in Painesville. We’ll come out, inspect your old unit to make sure it really needs replaced, and then will offer you a free estimate on what a new unit will cost to cool the are you need cooled. We also offer convenient financing, subject to approved credit, so if you can’t afford an A/C replacement up front, you can still enjoy the benefits of a cool and comfortable home.

Affordable Cooling Repair in Painesville

Ohio summers often cause air conditioners to over work. Show your AC some love by calling in one of our HVAC contractors to conduct a tune-up. When your AC is already struggling to keep up with the demands of the weather, you need affordable cooling repair in Painesville and fast. DK Heating and Sons can help you there too. We offer service and repair, as well as maintenance, and our contractors are trained to work on all makes and models.